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Click for big sleeve pictureVA - More MPM Sound
Label: Melting Pot Music
Cat. No.: MPM 030
Release Date: 2006-11-13
Format: CD & LP
Genre: hip-hop, funk, ..
Rating: rating4.gif

A year after ‘This Is Melting Pot Music’ the second MPM label-compilation is out and about. A year in which the MPM family has been expanding and new sounds broadened its already rich palette. Apart from instant classics by Lefties Soul Connection, Breakout and Hype & Dunloop released earlier this year and of which you can find reviews elsewhere on these pages (check tracklist), this compilation also has got some new surprises in store – some of them available on the 12” DJ Sampler.

What to think about Kutiman’s relaxed ‘No Groove Where I Come From’? Good stuff! Some new quality Devil McDoom beats, on a mysterious tip. ‘Everyday’ from Dj Adlib with MED on the mic gives us a rather nice foretaste of what to expect from Adlib’s easygoing beats. And talking hip-hop (and beyond), there’s always Dj Day’s sunshine drenched music to be (re-)discovered at MPM! Don’t miss out on this man!
Replacing the knobs by a good old organ, bass and drum live-setting new MPM signing The Soul Scapes bring down the pace with ‘Soul Summer’ halfway through the compilation. Apart from delivering a mix for Lefties’ massive ‘Organ Donor’, Imperial Bread conductor, Hawkeye makes up is own sample melting pot resulting in the whistle-friendly ‘Meet Me at the Roosevelt’.

Combine the above with some more goodies from MPM anciens like A-ko, Le Scratchfunk, Imperial Bread, The Phobos People and Upskiboo and you get a nice stirring pot stuffed up with some afro, some jazz, funk and of-course hip-hop always just around the corner. That’s compiler, label founder, chief, a&r, promo, webmaster, … Olski’s outstanding recipe.
‘More MPM Sound’ is available on CD and vinyl, and, thanks to the exclusive tracks, both for people who have missed out just a couple of them previous 12s and 7s as for people who are new to MPM and looking for something adventurous and highly addicting.

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Postby Hans on 2006-11-13, 10:57 am.