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Click for big sleeve pictureSomatik - Learning The Colours
Label: GoldHill Records
Cat. No.: GHCD001
Release Date: 2007-05-14
Format: CD & digital
Rating: rating5.gif

When West London seems to be taking a siesta - and with them the rest of broken beat world - a man from a tiny Welsh village comes to save the day. Of course he's no stranger in London, Dollis Hill to be precise. Just search those cd booklets again for Brad Munn aka Somatik and you'll go "wow, he did that too!?" Yet this album hasn't dropped out of the void either. You cannot have missed the antecedents: running the Twisted Funk label and Nuwave radio, and having released two fabulous twelve inches over the years.

The opening intro immediately establishes a part of Somatik's trademark style: (distorted) guitars, oriental/Indian influences, rhodes and really fat synth pads. Soon enough you'll find proof of the fifth characteristic: amazing, fresh broken beats. Together these traits add up to a very powerful, energetic and almost live feel to a lot of the tracks. Throughout the album this unique sound is maintained to great effect.

I'm usually hesitant about artists including older, well-known singles in their brand new albums yet here it really works. Interaktion and Really R fit in wonderfully well and sound as fresh as the new ones. It's hard to speak of highlights or stand-out tracks. Two slower tracks, The White Hill and Find The One, are placed perfectly between the high power bangers.

Much respect to Brad for the way he delivers this cd, independently and driven by the passion for music. It truly shows, and resulted in a terrific album.

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Postby Lensco on 2007-05-24, 4:04 pm.